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This is us - our history and philosophy
Scandio GmbH is a software company made up of technical consultants and developers. Based on our know-how and experience, we have been successfully developing tailor-made solutions for our customers for 15 years.


  • 1879

    Lars Fredrik Nilson discovers Scandium. The element with the atomic number 21 has historically been classified as a rare earth metal.

  • 2003

    8 Employees

    It is our intension to develop the newest software worthy of the 21st century. That is why we name ourselves after a modified version of the 21st Element Scandium – The Scandio GmbH is born.

  • 2005

    14 Employees

    We do not only develop software, but we also take care of servers, systems and platforms of our clients. Because of the high demand, our business area operations is growing very fast.

  • 2008

    15 Employees

    Thanks to our partnership with Atlassian we are able to expand our business areas - Scandio becomes one of the first "Atlassian Experts" in southern Germany. No matter if you look for the team collaboration tool Confluence or the project management tool Jira, we are the ones that will help you.

  • 2011

    23 Employees

    Our team size expands to 23 employees and we are able to offer a widespread portfolio of services to our costumers. Due to the growth of our team we are not only able to help our clients in terms of development and operations, but also with consulting.

  • 2012

    25 Employees

    To ensure that we can provide appealing and easy-to-use interfaces to all our customers, we expand our team in the area of design and user experience (UX).

  • 2013

    29 Employees

    Congrats, 10 years Scandio GmbH! This calls for a celebration - so we throw a big party with our clients. And we are still growing – why don’t you become part of our team?

  • 2014

    34 Employees

    Also at Scandio, everybody is talking about "DevOps" and "Cloud". Therefore we're expanding our business area operations to provide professional cloud and container solutions for our clients.

  • 2015

    43 Employees

    Since we have been able to gain comprehensive knowledge of Atlassian in the last few years, we become Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Expert, which we are very proud of!

  • 2016

    45 Employees

    We are now an IoT software company and also release our first paid apps on the Atlassian Marketplace.

  • 2017

    50 Employees

    We are establishing a second office in Augsburg. Furthermore the next generation of the Atlassian Expert program has been launched and we will devote ourselves to a lot of advanced trainings this year to be still able to answer all of your questions about Atlassian effectively as a Platinum Solution Partner.

  • 2018

    60 Employees

    Since this year, we have established our new capital city office in Berlin as our third location. We have also celebrated our 10th anniversary partnership with Atlassian and the 15th anniversary of Scandio. As the crowning achievement of the year 2018, we were awarded Atlassian Partner of the Year - Enterprise at the Atlassian Summit in Barcelona.


Christian Koch, Co-founder and CEO at Scandio, holds a degree in Computer Science. He began his IT career at Softlab (1990 – 1994) as a developer in service & support and sales control while he was completing his studies of computer sciences at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. Read more
In 1994 he co-founded 2CK Software. As a managing partner, Christian Koch was responsible for sales & marketing and product management. Following the acquisition of the company by Gauss Interprise AG in February 2000, he became responsible for services and joined the management board of Gauss Interprise Consulting AG. From January 2002 to the middle of 2003, he was in charge of Operations as COO of evodion AG and COO of evodion Information Technologies GmbH & Co KG. Since founding Scandio, he has been responsible for Marketing and Sales as well as Recruiting.

Christoph Köberle, Co-founder and COO at Scandio, holds a degree in Computer Sciences. He began his IT career as a student, working for Computer 2000, Micrografx and Softlab. In 1994 he founded 2CK GmbH with Christian Koch, later transforming the company into 2CK Software AG. He was initially responsible for Support, Promotion and Services, but in 1998 took over finances and organisation when the company was restructured. Read more
Following the friendly takeover of 2CK in 2000, he became CFO of Gauss Interprise Consulting AG. As CFO of evodion AG, he was in charge of finances in the parent company and all its subsidiaries until 2003. Since founding Scandio, Christoph Köberle has been responsible for finance and infrastructure and also manages a portion of the projects.


We are not only co-workers, but people with personality. Therefore, our interests and strengths are just as individual and diverse as our software solutions. But one thing unites us Scandians - the love for technology, the web and the fun of fiddling for the ideal result. Our philosophy: A good working atmosphere = motivated employees = satisfied customers. We are working because we feel like it and this is one of the key factors of our success. In the team we like to cook lunch together, go hiking and skiing or we meet in the evening for bouldering, daddling or just relaxing over a beer after work. You can get some insight into team life at Scandio on Instagram.

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1% Pledge

We are proud to be part of the 1% Pledge movement and aim to give back something to the community, so we contribute 1% of all products (own developed apps for the Atlassian toolset) and 1% of the employees' working time off for community service.


In addition to our headquarters in Munich we established an office in Augsburg in 2017. 2018 we openend up our capital city office in Berlin.