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We are not only Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, but have also developed some of the "Top Rated" products for the Atlassian Marketplace since 2016. You couldn't find what you were looking for on the Market Place? Since we have already developed many hundreds of individual apps, we will be pleased to provide you with a solution tailored to your needs.
for Confluence

PocketQuery is a Confluence app that allows a specified group of users to create queries that fetch data from external SQL databases or REST APIs. Results can be visualized and parameterized in Confluence pages by permitted users.

Git Snippets
for Confluence

With Git Snippets you can embed snippets of code from real projects in Bitbucket into your documentation in Confluence. When the code changes, embedded snippets get automatically updated by recalculating the new line numbers from a diff with the new version.

for Jira

PocketQuery for Jira makes it possible to fetch data from external SQL databases or REST APIs and visualize the results within Jira issues. Choose where and on which issue types to display your queries.

Lively Theme
for Confluence

Lively Theme gives your Confluence an appealing and neatly design with widgets. Various useful tools like Team Calendar and blog posts are being integrated by default and required content can easily be retrieved via the new enhanced space navigation.

for Confluence

With the HideElements Macro, you can customise every Confluence page, from title to buttons to comments, it's just one click to a clear good-looking blog post. You can even instantly see the effects via the advanced macro browser preview!

Lively Blogs
for Confluence

Lively Blog Posts displays blog posts with a teaser text and a teaser image, highlights important posts and can be included on the Confluence dashboard. In addition you can browse through all or featured posts on a stunning overview page.

for Confluence

Diary for Confluence offers you an easy way to create and edit content chronologically without using the page editor. Simplify your editions and reduce pages with redundant content. Use it for meetings, task lists, changelogs etc..

Team Admin
for Confluence

Team Admin enables space admins to manage their own teams. They can create groups for their space and then add or remove users. It aims to reduce your workload by giving space admins the ability to manage groups and permissions in their space all by themselves.

Page Branching
for Confluence

With Page Branching you can easily create versions of your Confluence pages, edit the copy according to your needs and create the next version of the document in the background. You can merge in both directions, work on multiple variants at the same time and join them back together anytime.

Task Reminder
for Confluence

Task Reminder is an app for Confluence that sends emails to users to remind them of their expiring Confluence inline tasks. From now on you can easily monitor all your tasks at once.

for Bitbucket Server

Favourites is an app for Bitbucket which allows users to mark their projects as "Favourites". These favourites can be grouped in a list of projects, so the users get a better overview of their frequently used projects.

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