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PocketQuery for Atlassian Jira
PocketQuery for Atlassian Jira

Fetch data from external SQL databases or REST APIs and display the results within Jira issues

Easily visualize your data within Jira issues

Display data from SQL databases and REST APIs exactly where you want it. From simple tables to complex charts, with PocketQuery you can display your data any way you like using the full power of Velocity templates.

Choose different queries for different projects

Simply enable your predefined queries in the project settings. Choose where and on which issue types to display your queries. Have all relevant information directly visible in your Jira issues, right where you need it!

Full control for your administrators (only)

Enforce security by controlling who can access the administration interface. Only users chosen by you will be able to create, edit and manage all your queries, datasources, converters, and templates.

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